Polished Concrete Floors

At NZ Grinders we love polished concrete.

Indulge in the beauty of diamond polished concrete floors.

We specialize in residential, commercial & retail concrete floor solutions.

Unlock the perfection of raw, natural stone to create a stunning flooring choice by combining nature with the latest technology to create a thermally efficient, eco-friendly flooring option.

Beautiful, high quality diamond polished concrete floors add unique style and prestige to any home.

NZ Architecture polished concrete floors image of a polished concrete floor in loumnge area with a safa and floor lamp in background. Pampas grass is in a vase behind tje sofa and candles are on the coffee table in a candlestick holder


With a genuine polished concrete floor you are standing on natural stone aggregate. The shine comes from diamond polishing pads acting like sandpaper taking the surface level down to whichever level of stones you want to see

  1. Choose your exposure – the amount of stones you want to see
  2. Choose your sheen – the gloss level

Genuine polished concrete floors have a labour and time  intensive process – and this is why it can be expensive.

If budget is more of an issue, you could choose a grind and seal instead.

Our floors are non-topical.  We finish them with a penetrating sealer similar to Scotchguard for added stain protection. They do not scratch as the sealer becomes part of the concrete itself.

For a more in-depth delve into concrete polishing check out our blog posts

HTC Superfloor system

The Hiperfloor system we use is a full mechanical polish.

Choose your exposure

  • Marble
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Moderate
  • Full Exposure
Images of stone exposure for polished concrete floors starting with a marble, salt and pepper, medium and full exposure

Full stone exposure polished concrete

Our most popular option and perhaps the most recognizable polished floor finish, a layer of 3-5mm of concrete is removed to expose the stone, and then the floor is diamond polished flat.

You get a floor with a consistent look of larger exposed stone.

You can choose to finish this to a High Gloss, Satin or Matt honed level. The image shown here is a full stone exposure grind with a gloss finish NZ Grinders completed at Saltwater Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar, Mt Maungani, Tauranga

Full stone exposure floor image at saltwater restaurant floor high gloss mt maunganui

Moderate medium exposure polished concrete

A moderate exposure polished concrete floor has a more random stone exposure – 2-3 mm of the top concrete layer is removed to expose the stone aggregate. The floor is then ground flat and diamond polished

You can choose to finish this to a High Gloss, Satin or Matt honed level. The image shown here is a moderate grind with a matt honed finish, our South Island branch completed at a residential home in Queenstown, overlooking beautiful Lake Wanaka.

Moderate stone exposure polished floor matt finish

Salt and Pepper light exposure polished concrete

Salt & Pepper finish has a light exposure.  Around 1-2mm of concrete is removed.  The floor is ground following the natural floor contour, and then diamond polish finished.

Salt & Pepper is a great choice for new builds. Placing guides for the concrete are needed in advance to ensure your floors will be flat. Contact us for more details.

You can choose to finish this to a High Gloss, Satin or Matt honed level. The image shown here is a salt and pepper polished concrete floor with a high gloss polished finish we completed at the new Harrison Bloy Bathroom | Kitchen | Plumbing  showroom at Tauriko, Tauranga

Please note Salt and Pepper finish can not usually be achieved on a rain damaged concrete slab.

Marble plain exposure polished concrete

Simple polished natural concrete. Also known as surface polished concrete.

A Marble finish is generally only attainable with new builds – placement guides are required to a minimum of a U3 finish for the concrete pour to get the best result.

This floor has only a resin polish finish.  The surface is not ground prior to polishing so no aggregate within the concrete is seen.

Our polishing equipment follows the contours of the floor. Each floor is unique. It is not uncommon to expect trowel marks and other imperfections in the floor to be enhanced.  This adds to the natural beauty. A perfect industrial look.

You can choose to finish this to a High Gloss, Satin or Matt honed level. The image shown here is a marble with a matt finish

Please note a Marble finish can not usually be achieved on a rain damaged concrete slab.

You get a natural concrete look with a mottled effect.

Please be aware, by not removing the surface layer, floors can remain less flat and isolated small hollows may not be refined as much as flatter areas of the floor. Trowelling imperfections are retained in the finished look.


At NZ Grinders we recommend Peter Fell, specialists in coloured concrete – you need to decide on the concrete colour BEFORE the concrete is poured.

You could also explore our concrete staining options.



As a material extracted from mother nature, you are standing on stone aggregate, polished to a mirror finish. No chemical surface. Using the Hiperfloor or Superfloor systems, we reduce the impact on the environment by conserving materials, eliminating waste, and utilizing as much of the existing site as possible.


Polished concrete floors are the hardest, most durable flooring surface you can install. Your floor will stand the test of time.


Polished concrete floors help your house retain coolness in summer and warmth in winter, meaning you save on electricity use. Energy usage is decreased as the exposed polished concrete floor reduces heating and cooling loads from its excellent thermal mass and reflective properties.


Polished concrete floors have a non-porous surface that’s easy to clean, meaning there is no place for bugs or allergens to hide.


Just vacuum and mop a polished concrete floor using eco-friendly, non acidic cleaners.  Spills can be wiped with a soft cloth without staining.


Beautiful to look at with an unparalleled reflection of light, your floors will be a striking fashion statement.


Polished concrete floors do not support mould growth.  With such a low maintenance finish, weekly washes with warm soapy water are all that are required for cleaning.


The installation is odourless and environmentally friendly (VOC free) promoting a healthier working environment; with no immediate or continual toxic emissions.


Concrete’s thermal mass properties absorb and draw heat away during the day cooling the space, then disperse the heat at night, maintaining a stable natural temperature.

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