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NZ Grinders transformed our RMP honey processing facility with a chip epoxy floor, delivering fast, straightforward installation. The result is a compliant, highly durable, hygienic, and low-maintenance surface. I wholeheartedly recommend NZ Grinders; their work and product have left us highly satisfied.

We have had NZ Grinders undertake 5 seperate jobs for us now, good quality, they stand behind their work, fix things when needed and turn up when they say they are going to. We will use these guys again for all future concrete grinding and surfacing work. Thanks

Highly recommend NZ Grinders, great advice on the concrete pour right through to the polishing.  I love, love, love our floor.  The guys were very professional but mostly helpful amazing communication leading up to the job being done.

Great team excellent product, thank you.


Enhance the appearance of your residential or commercial property with our top-tier concrete polishing craftsmanship. Turn dull concrete floors into resilient, low-maintenance marvels that exude charm and durability.

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At our core, we are creative problem solvers, prioritizing people over profits.

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We prioritize your satisfaction, shown in the meticulous attention to every detail of our work.


We are only content when you are. Each floor polishing project is treated as if it were in our own home.


Upgrade your home or business with our concrete polishing services. Transform your space with NZ Grinders’ stunning, durable concrete surfaces. Say goodbye to dull, high-maintenance floors and enjoy the elegance and ease of our eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions. Experience the beauty and longevity of polished concrete with us today.



Looking to boost your home’s value and durability? Our residential concrete flooring services offer the perfect solution. Our skilled professionals use top-tier materials to create stunning, customized floors that meet your unique requirements.

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Discover the perfect flooring solution for your business with our commercial concrete flooring services. Our experienced experts use premium materials to create durable, stylish finishes that perfectly complement your space.

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Transform Your Surfaces with Concrete Grinding by NZ Grinders

Concrete grinding is essential in concrete polishing, turning rough, uneven surfaces into smooth, shiny floors that look stunning and last for years. At NZ Grinders, we specialize in this art, combining precision and expertise to reveal the hidden beauty of concrete surfaces.

What is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding refines and prepares concrete surfaces in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. This method uses specialized equipment, like diamond-tipped grinding machines, to remove imperfections, contaminants, and surface irregularities. It prepares the concrete for coatings or achieves a polished finish, as seen in polished concrete floors.

The Process

  1. Assessment: Our experts at NZ Grinders thoroughly inspect the concrete surface for cracks, unevenness, and contaminants.
  2. Grinding: Using a diamond grinding machine, we abrade the concrete surface to level it and expose the aggregate within, giving the floor a unique, textured appearance.

Benefits of Concrete Grinding

  • Surface Preparation: Ensures proper adhesion and a smooth, uniform finish for applications like epoxy coatings or polishing.
  • Durability: Enhances the concrete’s durability by removing weak and damaged surface layers, resulting in a longer-lasting flooring solution.
  • Sustainability: An eco-friendly option that recycles existing concrete surfaces, reducing the need for new materials.
  • Visual Appeal: Provides a sleek, modern, and highly reflective surface, ideal for commercial and residential spaces.

In conclusion, concrete grinding is a transformative process that brings out the best in your concrete surfaces. At NZ Grinders, we combine cutting-edge technology with expertise to deliver stunning, durable, and sustainable flooring solutions. Whether you’re renovating your home or upgrading your commercial space, concrete grinding is the key to achieving the perfect polished finish.


Elevate Your Space with Concrete Polishing by NZ Grinders

Concrete, often seen as a drab building material, can be transformed into a stunning surface through concrete polishing. At NZ Grinders, we excel at this art, turning dull concrete floors into glossy, vibrant surfaces that enhance any space.

What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is a meticulous, multi-step process that enhances the aesthetics and durability of concrete surfaces, like floors and countertops. It involves grinding and polishing concrete with advanced equipment and diamond-embedded tools, resulting in a smooth, shiny, and visually appealing surface.

The Process

  1. Surface Preparation: The transformation begins with removing existing coatings and impurities, ensuring a clean canvas.
  2. Grinding: Diamond grinding tools remove imperfections, level the surface, and expose the aggregate for a unique look.
  3. Honing: Fine grinding further refines the surface, contributing to its smooth texture and initial sheen.
  4. Polishing: Progressively finer diamond tools polish the surface to achieve the desired level of gloss, revealing the concrete’s true beauty.
  5. Densification and Sealing: Applying densifiers and sealers protects the surface, enhances durability, and provides a glossy finish.

Why Choose Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is environmentally friendly, utilizing the existing concrete surface and reducing the need for additional materials. It is also cost-effective, requiring less maintenance and offering long-lasting beauty.

Concrete polishing transforms dull, lifeless concrete into striking and practical surfaces. At NZ Grinders, we take pride in unlocking the potential of concrete, creating elegant, durable, and sustainable spaces. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial settings, concrete polishing is a smart choice that elevates any environment. Contact us to explore the endless possibilities of concrete polishing and discover the true potential of your concrete surfaces.

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Marble finish diamond polish floor matt sheen


Why Choose NZ Grinders for Concrete Floor Polishing in Auckland?

In Auckland’s bustling concrete floor polishing industry, what sets us apart? Our unmatched efficiency, unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and impeccable workmanship make us the top choice for your home or commercial floors.

Our mission is clear: to establish ourselves as the premier experts in concrete floor polishing, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. Finding another company that matches the caliber of our work is a formidable task.

We value the principles of hard work and dedication. We approach your needs with utmost seriousness, investing our passion into perfecting your floors. At NZ Grinders, we give it our all, ensuring every project receives 110% effort. Our business is about serving people, and nothing matters more than leaving behind gleaming floors and satisfied customers. This commitment has earned us the title of Auckland’s top-rated concrete floor provider, a reputation locals trust for an unmatched finish.


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