Block Honing

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Image of indoor fireplace with two wood pile stacks on wither side of a gas fire with a concrete block stackConcrete block honing is a process whereby we remove material from the face of the block.  Block honing exposes the small stones, giving a great look.  The block is then sealed to make it waterproof, this also adds to the cosmetic appearance.

Honed blocks are commonly used for feature walls, interior or exterior.  Some are stack-bond laid with contrasting pointer colours.

The way the block is laid, and the colour of the pointer used, can dramatically affect the end visual result.

Efflorescence in standard blocks is caused by osmosis, the transfer of water from the block to the outside air. This causes the lime and calcium to form on the block facing.  This is typically known as lime leaching.  It’s unsightly but it can be fixed and also stopped from happening.  We can make your blocks look like new again.


Enhancing the visual appeal of structures and ensuring long-term protection, honed and sealed blocks offer a compelling solution. This method accentuates the inherent beauty of natural stones and colors within the blocks, and the sealer adds a vibrant finishing touch. Moreover, sealing contributes to water resistance, making it suitable for external applications on walls and fences, as well as internal use on feature walls or around fireplaces.

By honing the first outer few millimetres of the block face you can create a sleek satin finish which highlights the natural colours of the mix. On-site honing is one of the best ways to have your block walls honed. After the walls have been installed the grinding process can begin. The process is done dry, with the dust being collected as the blocks are honed. The walls are then cleaned dry to remove any remaining dust and efflorescence in the mortar joints and can then be sealed immediately after. The benefits of having your blocks honed on-site compared to factory honing are great. It is far cleaner, quicker and the result of the block finish is of a higher quality and consistency than with a factory hone.

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