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Image of indoor fireplace with two wood pile stacks on wither side of a gas fire with a concrete block stack

Honed and sealed blocks enhance the aesthetics of any building while providing long-term protection.

This process accentuates the natural stones and colors in the blocks, with the sealer adding a vibrant finish. Sealing also increases water resistance.

This technique can be applied to external walls, as well as internally on feature walls or around fireplaces.

Block honing is another option for our concrete polishing services

Visit our showroom to view a carpark honed wall and see what a finished honed block wall looks like.


Honed and sealed blocks enhance the visual appeal of structures while providing long-term protection. This method showcases the natural beauty and colors of the stones, with the sealer adding a vibrant finish. Additionally, sealing improves water resistance, making it ideal for external walls and fences as well as internal feature walls or fireplaces.

By honing the outer few millimeters of the block surface, you can achieve a sleek satin finish that highlights the mix’s natural colors. On-site honing is one of the best methods for treating block walls. Once installed, the grinding process begins, conducted dry to collect dust during honing. The walls are then cleaned to remove any remaining dust and efflorescence in the mortar joints, allowing for immediate sealing.

Honing on-site offers significant advantages over factory honing. It is cleaner, quicker, and results in a higher quality and more consistent finish.

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