Concrete Staining

At NZ Grinders we love concrete staining.

Staining is the preferred method for enhancing polished concrete floors in commercial and residential spaces, suitable for both new and existing floors, including overlays, for stunning transformations.


Stained Concrete Floor Benefits:

As concrete stains deeply infiltrate the concrete surface, they create long-lasting, fade-resistant color that won’t chip or peel, unlike paint or coatings.

Design Flexibility:

Concrete stains offer remarkable versatility, allowing you to achieve virtually any desired aesthetic to match your design preferences and financial constraints. Whether you prefer subtle color hints, bold design highlights, or even personalized graphics, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for a minimalist approach by using a single stain color that harmonizes with your d├ęcor or embrace a more adventurous style by employing multiple stain colors for a customized effect.

Eco Friendly:

In today’s landscape of increasing eco-friendly choices, stained concrete floors stand out as an environmentally conscious option. Few flooring alternatives can match concrete’s durability, reducing the need for replacements that consume resources and pose disposal challenges.

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Stain applied to Gray concrete

Colour sample card stained concrete nz grinders tauranga nz

Stain applied to White topping

Colour sample card stained concrete nz grinders tauranga nz

Floor Stain Types & Colours

Depending on the look you want to achieve for your stained concrete floor, you can choose from acid-based chemical stains or water-based stains.

Acid Stains:

Acid stains deeply penetrate the concrete and undergo chemical reactions, resulting in natural color variations that impart character and distinctive mottling reminiscent of marble, glazed stone or granite. These stains are also well-suited for floor designs that aim to mimic wood. Typically, the available color palette leans towards understated earth tones, including shades like tans, browns, terra cottas, and muted blue-greens.

The outcome gives an artistic, mottled look characterized by dark patches in some areas and lighter ones in others, showcasing nuanced tones that resist peeling or flaking. The hue achieved can notably differ when applying the stain to either aged or freshly poured concrete. The original color of the concrete prior to staining can significantly impact the final visual result. For best more vibrant colours, we apply the chemical stain to white base Micro Topping.

Water Stains:

If you’re looking to move beyond the understated flair and muted color range of acid staining, explore the possibilities of water-based stains, available in a comprehensive spectrum of hues. In numerous instances, these diverse colors can be blended, much like water-based paints, allowing you to expand your creative choices.

Stain Colours:

While brown and gray shades remain the favored choices for staining concrete floors, don’t hesitate to experiment with more daring options like blue or black to infuse an extra dose of drama.

Residential Stained Concrete Floors:

From farmhouse to modern, elegant to industrial, stained concrete floors are versatile enough to complement virtually any decor style and find their place in any room throughout your home.

Commercial Stained Concrete Floors:

The blend of resilience and customization possibilities makes stained concrete an ideal selection for commercial flooring, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your company’s colors or logo directly into the floor. You may encounter stained cement floors in various locations, including restaurants, wineries, schools, offices & retail stores.

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