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Dion was very professional and great service with good communication throughout the process, highly recommend!

We have had NZ Grinders undertake 5 seperate jobs for us now, good quality, they stand behind their work, fix things when needed and turn up when they say they are going to. We will use these guys again for all future concrete grinding and surfacing work. Thanks

NZ Grinders transformed our RMP honey processing facility with a chip epoxy floor, delivering fast, straightforward installation. The result is a compliant, highly durable, hygienic, and low-maintenance surface. I wholeheartedly recommend NZ Grinders; their work and product have left us highly satisfied.


Transform the look of your residential or commercial property with our expert concrete polishing services. Turn hard, dull concrete floors into stunning, durable surfaces that are virtually maintenance-free.

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We prioritize your satisfaction, shown in our meticulous attention to detail.


Upgrade to beautiful, low-maintenance floors with our expert concrete polishing. Say goodbye to dull, high-maintenance surfaces and welcome elegant, durable, and eco-friendly solutions that are cost-effective and easy to care for.


Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s value or enhance its durability and style, our residential concrete flooring services offer the perfect solution. Our skilled professionals use premium materials to create customized, stunning flooring solutions tailored to meet your exact requirements.

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Explore our commercial concrete flooring services for the ideal solution that enhances your business space. Our experienced experts and use of premium materials ensure we craft a chic, durable finish that perfectly complements your environment.


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Concrete grinding is a transformative process that breathes new life into your concrete surfaces.

So what is Concrete Grinding? Concrete grinding is a precision method of surface preparation, restoration, and refinement. It involves the use of specialized machinery equipped with abrasive diamond discs to remove imperfections, unevenness, stains, and coatings from concrete surfaces; it reveals the true beauty hidden beneath the rough exterior.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Aesthetics: Concrete grinding unveils the natural beauty of your concrete floors, making them visually appealing and sleek.

Improved Durability: The process strengthens your concrete, making it more resistant to wear, cracks, and abrasions.

Enhanced Safety: Smoother surfaces reduce tripping hazards, enhancing safety in your residential or commercial space.

Versatility: It can be used on various concrete surfaces, including driveways, patios, floors, and more.

Cost-Effective: It’s a cost-efficient alternative to costly floor replacements.

Concrete grinding is a versatile and sustainable solution that can transform your space. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, it’s a powerful tool to enhance the aesthetics, durability, and safety of your concrete surfaces. Ready to experience the magic of concrete grinding? Contact us today to explore how we can rejuvenate your space!


Elevate Your Space’s Value with Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic investment that can significantly boost the value of your residence, or commercial premise.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Concrete polishing transforms dull, gray floors into stunning, reflective surfaces. These beautiful finishes create a visual impact that immediately raises your space’s perceived value.

Longevity and Durability: Polished concrete is incredibly durable, resisting wear and tear even in high-traffic areas. Its longevity ensures fewer maintenance costs over time, increasing your property’s value.

Low Maintenance: Polished concrete is a breeze to clean and maintain, saving you time and money. Its resistance to stains and damage means you won’t need frequent repairs or replacements.

Eco-Friendly: Choosing concrete polishing reduces the need for additional flooring materials, aligning with sustainable practices and increasing your space’s appeal to environmentally conscious buyers or tenants.

Versatility: From homes to commercial spaces, concrete polishing suits various environments, making it an adaptable option that adds value across different property types.

By investing in concrete polishing, you’re not only improving aesthetics but also ensuring long-term value appreciation for your space. Whether you’re planning to sell, rent, or simply enjoy your property, this transformation will leave a lasting impact. Discover how we can enhance your space’s value—contact us today!


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Marble finish diamond polish floor matt sheen


In Hamilton’s bustling concrete floor polishing industry, what makes us stand out? Our unmatched efficiency, unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and impeccable work quality make us the clear choice.

Our goal is simple: to be recognized as the leading experts in concrete floor polishing, consistently delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations. Finding another company that matches the caliber of our work is a challenge.

We value the principles of hard work and dedication. We approach your needs with utmost seriousness, putting our heart and soul into perfecting your floors—giving it our all at every step. Ultimately, we are dedicated to our clients, and nothing is more important to us than leaving behind gleaming floors and smiles on your faces. This dedication has earned us the reputation as Hamilton’s top-rated concrete floor provider, a trust that locals rely on for an unparalleled finish.



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Nestled along the majestic Waikato River, Hamilton is a city that seamlessly blends natural beauty, rich history, and modern innovation. Whether you’re a local exploring your backyard or a visitor seeking new horizons, Hamilton offers something for everyone. Let’s delve into what makes Hamilton an exceptional place to live, work, and play.

Fascinating Facts About Hamilton

Historical Significance: Originally known as Kirikiriroa by the local Māori, Hamilton bears a cultural history dating back centuries. Named after Captain John Fane Charles Hamilton following the 1863 land wars, it boasts a heritage that shapes its identity today.

The Waikato River: New Zealand’s longest river, the Waikato River, flows through Hamilton, offering picturesque landscapes and a variety of recreational activities. Its scenic banks provide ideal trails for walking and biking, showcasing the city’s natural charm.

Hamilton Gardens: A highlight of the city, Hamilton Gardens welcomes over a million visitors annually. This award-winning attraction features themed gardens representing civilizations and historical garden styles worldwide, from the Italian Renaissance to the contemplative Japanese Garden.

Educational Hub: Home to the University of Waikato, Hamilton thrives as a center for research and innovation. The university’s contributions attract students globally, enriching the city’s dynamic atmosphere.

Innovation and Research: Hamilton excels in agritech, hosting cutting-edge research facilities like AgResearch and DairyNZ. This focus on agricultural innovation positions the city as a leader in sustainable practices.

Upcoming Festivals

Hamilton celebrates throughout the year with diverse festivals:

  • Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival: Transforming the gardens into a vibrant arts space each February, featuring performances, exhibitions, and workshops.

  • Balloons Over Waikato: Every March, colorful hot air balloons fill Hamilton’s skies, offering night glows and family-friendly spectacles.

  • Fieldays: June hosts the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agricultural event at Mystery Creek, showcasing innovation, technology, and entertainment.

  • Matariki Celebrations: In June or July, Matariki marks the Māori New Year with cultural performances, storytelling, and stargazing, celebrating indigenous heritage.

  • Hamilton Fringe Festival: August showcases independent arts across theatre, comedy, dance, and visual arts, highlighting emerging talents.

Tourist Information

Getting Around: Hamilton connects via State Highway 1, linking Auckland and Taupo. Hamilton Airport offers domestic and some international flights.

Top Attractions:

  • Hamilton Zoo: Conservation-focused, housing over 600 animals amidst scenic landscapes.

  • Waikato Museum: Explores regional art, history, and Māori heritage.

  • Classic Car Museum: Showcases vintage cars and retro memorabilia.

  • Zealong Tea Estate: New Zealand’s sole commercial tea plantation, offering tours and high tea experiences.

  • Hamilton Lake Domain: Known as Lake Rotoroa, a favorite for walking, picnicking, and birdwatching.

Accommodation: Hamilton offers diverse options from luxury hotels to budget-friendly motels and hostels.

Dining and Nightlife: Multicultural cuisine thrives in Hamilton, with Victoria Street offering a vibrant nightlife scene.

Outdoor Activities: Explore hiking trails, water sports on the Waikato River, and golf at top courses.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Waitomo Caves: Known for glowworm displays and cave tours.

  • Hobbiton Movie Set: Iconic film location from “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.”

  • Raglan: Surfing paradise with beaches, shops, and eateries.

Hamilton invites you to experience its rich heritage, scenic beauty, and lively community. Whether visiting briefly or settling in, Hamilton promises a memorable journey, blending culture, nature, and adventure in New Zealand’s heartland.

Discover Hamilton’s allure and why it stands as one of New Zealand’s cherished cities. From gardens to festivals, innovation to hospitality, Hamilton welcomes you to create lasting memories in its vibrant embrace.


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