Driveway Options

We specialise in concrete driveway sealing

Concrete Aggregate Cleaning & Sealing.

Are you tired of your concrete surfaces looking worn out, uneven, ugly and old? Do you cringe at the thought of walking barefoot on your rough path or driveway?

Don’t let it bother you any longer! At NZ Grinders Polished Concrete we specialise in reviving-tired concrete surfaces and extending its lifespan. From driveways, to patios, or pathways, we’ve got you covered.

Our grind & seal techniques not only enhance the visual appeal of your concrete but also ensure safety with a non-slip finish. Say goodbye to boring and hello to rejuvenated!

Don’t let your concrete drag down the appearance of your property. Let us transform it into something amazing.

Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how we can enhance your concrete surfaces!

Bush hammer outdoor driveway NZ Grinders Tauranga before clean
Bush hammer outdoor driveway NZ Grinders Tauranga after

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What we can do

Each driveway is different, but services we offer include:

  • Clean and seal
  • Grind and seal
  • Bush hammer – we are an approved Peter Fell Texture safe Abujardar system applicator
  • Acid wash

Concrete polishing and grinding specialists