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Concrete sealing - NZ Grinders

Concrete sealing - NZ Grinders

Concrete sealing comes in many different forms. We seal the concrete to stop hydrostatic pressure, waterproofing and to give a dust free surface for garages, workshops, retail, outside decking and the likes.


We use a variety of concrete sealers from water base to solvent. Sealers range from natural which means the concrete has no colour added to sealers that have matt or gloss (wet look).


We use an industrial range that does not yellow from the U.V. and bite into the concrete. We never see any delimitation issues. We have sealers for exposed aggregate concrete and normal brushed concrete that help reduce efflorescence.


We do sealing with anti slip and semi topical coatings to give protection from the elements.


Talk to us about your next concrete sealing requirements.  Give us a call on 0508 NZ GRINDERS – 0508694746 or email us for your requirements.