Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete is

  • Fashionable
  • Long lasting
  • Ideal for homes, warehouses, shops
  • Has a huge range of flooring options
  • Saves money over alternate flooring options
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for industrial and residential use
  • Ideal for heavy traffic areas
  • Waterproof

Polishing concrete  meets the council requirements of a +.45 slip coefficient factor. The slip resistance of a polish floor is no different than any normal flooring and in fact can be substantially higher with floors reaching as high as .8

Styling Polished Concrete Floors

Styles can also be produced into the concrete floor with etching, or a different colour, pattern, boarder at a particular area in the floor.

When outlining lines and etching, many designs can be invented that are very unique, but also detailed tile styles grids can be applied as well.

Custom-made signs or logos can also be put directly into the polished concrete floor, a terrific option on walk ways into retail and office stores.

Coloured Concrete

A wide array of colouring options are available. Colours can be solid and brilliant, or more translucent with lots of character producing a virtually marble-like floor.

Coloured concrete comes with all the same great benefits of other solid surface flooring but with the durability only concrete can make.


Choosing coloured concrete over hardwood or carpets gives you a sustainable flooring options with many options in colour and texture. With other flooring options that are sustainable, eg some carpet fibre flooring, cork, bamboo etc, when they wear out they have to be placed in our land fills and replaced with more of the same products.

Using the concrete as part of the construction of the building, you have an eco friendly floor that will not wear out. Today these floors, when done right, provide the durability and stain resistance needed to last the life of the building. Also, polished concrete contributes no noticeable VOCs in the construction process.

Thermal Properties

Concrete floors use the energy of the sun and stored heat is released into the room. Heat from internal sources like fire places are also stored into the concrete. Under floor heating options vary and complement polished concrete.


Increase of ambient lighting will enhance the warmth and beauty of your floor and reduce lighting costs. When this is used in supermarkets and warehouse environments there is noticeable energy savings.

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