Repairing old concrete

I often get asked if I can repair less than ideal concrete. Well, the answer is YES, we can repair pretty much any concrete with-in reason.

A lot of old floors, old pubs, garages and the likes can have some pretty bad looking concrete. Underneath all that glue lays something exciting and ready to be exposed.

Here at NZGrinders we deploy some pretty heavy tactics in bringing this type of dusty, pitted and soft concrete back to life. We make it dense and shinny, a floor the owner is proud to have.

Here we have a few pics in the slide show, showing the before then the after.

You can see that this floor was covered in old glue. We ground this off to expose the natural stone. The floor looked terrible with extreme pitting and holes.

Using special chemicals we hardened the floor. This floor was given special care and attention. We then used a solution to pit fill the floor to a glassy finish without any holes. You can see this in the next photo. We then polished the concrete and added a full stain protection polish to give the stones their  natural hues.

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