Project: Van Dyck's concrete polish with stain colouring, full stain protection, coving and epoxy coating for mixing room

Requirements: Using a colour stain system with solvent based polish fromSuperfloor, we were to polish 700 sq/meters for protection against food spills and to be easily cleanable and slip resistant. Epoxy floor coating was also needed in the mixing room. The epoxy floor was done in BASF Mastertop 1080.

Result: This project used a mix of different flooring systems. Ramps and coving made from resin and polished concrete for the factory floor. The polished floor was shaved to produce a bronze Superfloor finsh. All control joints were correctly filled to move with the 30MPA concrete without failure and provide a simple hygienic solution that made the floor cleanable. The customer Marcel was so impressed with the results we did another 500 sq/meters. This brought the other areas of existing concrete floors up to a cleanable polished concrete system.

All the coving was done in concresive 25/25 with a arrow head, this was joined into a chase 10mm cut to anchor the coving to the floor while still retaining the polished concrete.

The epoxy mixing room was done in a epoxy paint system to save money instead of the usual screeds

We are very please with the results and the job flowed smoothly with no issues of time restraints

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