Outdoor Finishes

Exterior finish options

From bush hammering to acid washing or patio rejuvenation, every outdoor area is different – we have multiple options for your outdoor spaces.

Bush hammer concrete NZ Grinders Tauranga
an outside pastio photo showing a bush hammer exposed aggregate concrete floor with a large grass lawn and the sea in the background and a striped fence at the edge of the property beyond the grass


Used for slip resistance, bush hammering can be completed on patios, drives, paths, and pool surrounds. It is great to walk on, and is more comfortable than exposed aggregate underfoot.

Despite the name, bush hammering gives a light textured finish and is a preferred choice for pool areas. We can tailor the texture level to suit our requirements.

NZ Grinders Polished Concrete is an approved applicator for the Peter Fell Texture Safe System bush hammer system.


Acid etching to provide a textured surface for concrete is sometimes called acid washing.  This is a process whereby an acid is applied to the outdoor concrete surface to open the pores and then rinsed off with water.  The acid reacts with the surface laitance which dissolves it, which allows the dirt to be washed away.

The acid removes a light layer, resulting in a textured surface, which is suitable as a non-slip option.

Acid washing is used to give a washed out look on concrete aggregate, and can also be used to provide a surface texture. It is a more modern alternative to an exposed aggregate treatment for outdoor areas.


We can grind and re-paint or re-seal. Stamped concrete cleaned and re-painted is a great refresher for summer


For a refreshed look, we can grind stamped concrete back and change to a bush hammer – see the before and after here


We can grind and polish outdoor areas.

The finish option depends on the area – we can complete a grind & seal, convert bush hammered surfaces to polished concrete or convert exposed aggregate surfaces to polished concrete

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