Concrete Shaving

Channel cutting

We have recently purchased a state of the art, heavy duty electric drive concrete floor shaver to add to our concrete polishing equipment

Concrete shavers also go by the names of milling machines, scarifiers or surface planers.

close up image of the floor beneath a concrete chase cutter showing the channel cut and mans feet in safety boots in shot
close up image of a floor under a concrete chase cutter with a 8mm channel cut into the concrete 20cm wide


This heavy duty electric drive concrete floor shaver is a dust free saw for
channel cutting. When connected to our Husqvarna HTC-D60, dust is remotely collected and bagged for disposal. The dust hose is big: 100mm for optimized suction performance.

Low noise of 90 decibels means a pleasant working environment for other tradespersons on site.

  • Dust Free
  • Low Noise
  • Clean cuts
  • Low weight
  • Low vibration

The Process

Diamond cassette blades give a smooth, even cut leaving a clean channel. It can cut to 30mm deep and 335mm wide – extra width can be gained by more passes. It can cut 60LM/hour – 20M2.

Low weight of 495 kilos allows for easy transport and movement around
construction sites. The latest dust extraction technology surrounds the drum housing helping to lower the vibration levels.

The images below show some of our recent work – concrete texturing – groove cutting – for slip resistance at a Tauranga boat ramp, and some images of  seismic strengthening work at Bunnings Warehouse, Wellington, for BBR Contech showing channels cut to run carbon fiber reinforcing at 2 depths – 6mm and 15mm


  • Non-slip cuts for cow sheds
  • Adding texture and architectural patterns to pool surrounds
  • Boat ramp resurfacing
  • Decorative channels in concrete walls
  • Traffic island edge shaving
  • Concrete edge re-contouring
  • Height adjustment to road speed humps
  • Seismic strengthening channels

We can cut single channels at your preferred width or multiple channels in a single pass, quickly and cleanly. You can read more about it in our blog posts.

See it in action

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