Epoxy or Coated Floors Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do epoxy floors ?

Yes, we do floors from garages to commercial factories and warehouses.

What is epoxy coatings ?

Epoxy coatings are a 2 part high build systems that are epoxy / resin based, consisting of the main body and a hardener plus colour.

Are they all the same ?

No. High industrial grade and chemically engineered epoxy’s or resins can handle high traffic loadings and have high abrasion resistance. Some also handle hydrostatic moisture in the concrete and have excellent chemical resistance. Some coatings are designed to handle heat and intense washing with 75 C water.

What type of coatings do you do ?

We do many types. Including anti slip to outside flake floors to factory and screeds for butchers, cow sheds, epoxy floors for aircraft hangers and warehouses etc

Do you do coving ?

Yes we do.