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Polished Concrete Auckland Massey - Polished Concrete Auckland Massey

Tuesday 11th of October 10:46 PM

Project: Jason from Newlook Concrete & Kalmar Construction enlisted our concrete grinding and polishing services at the new Massey campus building


Requirements: The floor was to be ground to expose the natural stone of the concrete. Aproximately 1100 sq/meters of flooring, both down and upstairs. It inludes hall ways, retail shops and dinning cafe areas. The specifications for this job was a low sheen polished floor with out the normal high polish with decretive control joints.


Result: We had great results with this job. The grind went well leaving the desired stone results with over 95% of the floor. The control joints took on a special meaning on this job. We spent 2 days cutting them all out to 10mm to show a large grid pattern and to fill them with a expandable filler that could be polished. We used a nano polish product from Nanoset to give the floor stain protection. The low satin sheen was achieved by taking the polish to a 400 grit finish only, instead of the usual 3000.