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The how to on polishing concrete - How to polish concrete

Tuesday 11th of October 03:25 AM

How to polish concrete

How to achieve smooth, shinny, desirable concrete polished floors.

1. Concrete placement. The most important step towards getting the results your after is the pour or placement of your concrete floor. Take time to find the right stone and the right look, combine this with well placed concrete and you are 50% of the way there. Incorrect concrete placement and the job will come up less than ideal e.g, if your looking for consistent stone and there are screed marks.

2. Grinding. So your floor is down and it is at least 7 days old. The idea behind all polish jobs is to make the surface flat. This is achieved by either the concrete placer or by grinding using a cross hatch pattern with 4 head planetary grinders. Salt and pepper or marble finishes will require the placer to do their job perfectly. Grind the floor down to the desired stone then remove the scratches up to 120 grit

3. Pit fill – Filling of the holes in the concrete – There are many ways of filling the holes in the concrete but for the better part for the DIY, use FLC then once dry, remove the FLC by grinding off with 120 grit.

4. Harden – Use of densifyers to harden the concrete matrix. This is poured onto the concrete floor, keeping the concrete wet for 15 mins. The chemical will react with the lime in the cement causing the concrete to become harder. The harder the concrete the better the shine.

5. Polishing using resin bond pads. Start with the lowest resin pads working your way to 800 or 3000, with each time removing the previous scratches caused by the prevous grit.

6. Clean and add your polish for floor protection. Once dry buff for a good looking luster.